Imagine a row of blind women and men, each one holding the one in front of them. The first one doesn’t see, all of the people in the middle can’t see and the last one doesn’t see.  It’s hard to believe that the diet industry and even the healthcare system are blind to two of the most glaring truths about health and weight loss…

But they are.

And sadly most of us don’t realize that we are being led by the blind.

We are here to pull you out of that line and open your eyes so that you can finally reach your weight loss and health goals.

Grasping At Straws

Do a quick search on WebMD and you’ll find registered dietitians and M.D.’s passing out advice on weight loss that range from changing your attitude to chewing gum, to following the beloved food guide pyramid…I mean plate? What was it again?

You know the advice, because if you haven’t heard something similar from your doctor you’ve likely seen or heard it on the news, social media or just from a friend.

But with thousands of diet books on the market and a new “breakthrough study” every 5-10 years, none of this advice has gotten anyone anywhere.  Even if you are getting more specific advice from your doctor it’s very likely just the diet that they found worked for them which they are now recommending for you.

Is that patient-centered care?

And unfortunately the reason your doctor isn’t able to give you much better advice is because they were likely never properly educated about diet or an approach other than symptom treatment.  They never learned or never thought to apply some profound but basic truths about health and weight loss.

But no more grabbing at straws because now you get to be the expert about your own weight challenges and you get to have a solution that actually works.  And not just for a few but it works for everyone!

Weight Gain Is A Symptom

Being overweight is difficult because it’s something that is right there for everyone to see. It’s different from having a headache or digestive issues because to a certain degree you can hide those challenges. This makes you increasingly desperate to find solutions and is the reason why so many diet books have been published and sold to those looking to feel better about themselves.  And weight gain’s unique cultural stigma has compartmentalized it into its own world of weight loss approaches.

But let’s stop for a moment and examine weight gain and where it comes from so that we can get a clear perspective.  

Weight gain is in actuality a symptom and as far as resolving it is no different from that headache or those digestive issues. Weight gain is a sign of a biochemical imbalance, metabolic inefficiency and loss of function. Normalization of weight only occurs when health is restored. The same can be said for that headache and those digestive complaints.

Of course you can force the body to lose weight but it will always come back because you have not addressed the underlying issues.  Weight gain is not the problem but rather an outward expression of the real problem.  The same could be said for low thyroid function which again has an underlying cause or causes that can be addressed to resolve it.  Once again, all symptoms (including weight gain) have an underlying cause or in many cases multiple root causes.

In order to lose weight and keep it off for good you absolutely must first and foremost fuel your body for optimal production, control and maintenance of energy.  Diet and supplementation is the most root level at which you can influence health restoration. We have found no better way to do this than to follow a complete Metabolic Typing® program including the Metabolic Type® Diet, Metabolic Type® Supplements and other layers of the program to address other potential root causes of your weight gain.

The great part is that if you treat the underlying cause of your weight gain you will also experience a broad range of other benefits because you are building health from the most basic level.

Non-Food, Food and Your Best Food

Supporting that most fundamental level of your body’s production, control and maintenance of energy is a critical piece to building health so that weight gain disappears for good.

But what does it take to do that?

If your current dietary regimen includes eating at McDonald’s and stopping at gas stations for candy bars then it doesn’t take a nutritional biochemist to tell you that if you stop eating these things you will likely see some weight loss and feel better.  These along with any foods that come from a box and are packed with preservatives are really what we call non-foods. If your goal is to be healthy then there can be no doubt that those foods are not supportive of that goal. Period.

But let’s step into the world of real food, where most of you are…

If you just eat real food (JERF) you’ll lose weight, keep it off and be healthy right?

This is the realm of nutritional blindness where people will talk about how this food is healthy or that food is healthy. And where you’ll hear someone say “everything in moderation”.  Now don’t worry if you are someone who used to think or speak this way because you were being led by the blind.  As we said we are going to bring you into the light and make you the expert on your own health!

The evidence is clear that there are hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people who just eat real food and are still overweight and unhealthy.  So let’s step a little further into the light…

The reality is that one man’s food is another man’s poison. The diet that works for your friend or family member will not work for you and could make a third person fatter and sicker.  This is why the continual stream of diet books only get results for a certain portion of the population and the rest are left to wander in the dark.

A food is not healthy or unhealthy but either supportive of your unique biochemistry or unsupportive. The right diet for you is the one that is composed of foods that create and maintain optimal energy production. This is as unique as your fingerprint.  And the only way that we have found to determine the correct foods is through determining your unique way of metabolically functioning.  This is what the Metabolic Typing® Assessment does for you. It sets you up on a path to building optimal health so that the symptoms of weight gain, low energy etc. no longer exist.

Open your eyes and become your own expert and discover the power of the complete system of Metabolic Typing®.