We are delighted to share Tracey’s incredible experience with Metabolic Typing®. When you truly apply the information, you will be amazed with how you can feel.

Tracey wrote:

I’m still fine tuning it but it has been truly amazing for me.

My energy was the first thing that it fixed immediately. I was eating more and more for breakfast and still being hungry within an hour or 2. I couldn’t leave the house without taking food in case I got hungry while I was out and then got shaky and horrible. People around me were commenting that I’m always eating and some were actually getting concerned about me. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. I’d read books, ebooks about nutrition etc, tried different nutrition plans with the Beachbody programs and nothing was quite right.

After seeing Barbie’s post (I’d been to Sagi’s MT site a few times before but never got the test) with the food list and what she saying about it. I figured I should give it ago. Her and Sagi replied to me and so I bought the test there and then. I’m so glad I did.

Reading the information I got back I actually finally understood why by breakfast/food choices were not fuelling me properly.

So I followed the MT foods for me (I’m a fast oxidiser) and as if by magic, I have energy and I can now go 4-5 hours without food. It really has changed my life. My mum noticed the changes in me instantly.

I used to have a yellow/orange coloured area around my mouth and no-one could workout what it was -within about a week it was gone!! My skin all over feels better, softer and not as dry as it was.

I felt better in myself almost immediately, but after about 3 weeks I felt more alert and able to focus better. I’m no longer searching for food all the time that I can be/live in the moment. It’s been incredibly freeing and confidence giving for me too.

Normally there’s a week in every month when I used to crave chocolate – I have no chocolate cravings – it’s a miracle!!!!

Also I’ve lost some body fat too, I strained my back by coughing with the flu and not doing my workouts for 3 weeks to rest it (which was torture) and I lost another 2lbs without even trying. Which I thought oh its just water etc but I’m now down to 141lbs – that’s the lightest/leanest I have ever been in my entire adult life!!! I’ve trying to lean out/ build muscle and doing Beachbody programs for over 8 years!!

I used to take 4-5000mg of Vitamin C, with bran and figs everyday to keep constipation at bay (something I have suffered with for over 20 years) – I’ve stopped doing that now and I just take the MT specific vitamin and multi-vit 3 times a day. I’m no longer constipated. I’m not going everyday at the moment as I think my system is still sorting its self out but no way is it hard and painful.

All these amazing changes after only a few weeks, I can only dream of what other magical things happen over the next few months as my body continues to heal and restore itself.

Who thought that eating the right foods in the right proportions can have such an impact on your life and wellbeing! Thank you so much


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