Everybody loves a parade.

Brightly colored floats, music, dancing and everyone clapping with excitement for their favorite float or performance. Parades really are a lot of fun for everyone and a chance to just let go along with the crowd.

When one exciting float finishes passing by then everyone settles back down waiting for the next one to bring the crowd to their feet. Then it all starts again with clapping and cheering as another flashy and colorful float comes your way.

At times it seems like dietary trends are kind of like one of these parades.  Dressed up in their fancy costumes of “controlled” studies with a marching band of bloggers to set the beat.

You probably remember pretty clearly when the Atkins float came marching into town…

Books were flying off the shelves, Atkins bars were selling left and right at the grocery store and the cheese industry was scrambling to keep up with demand.

Some people lost weight, some got fatter.  Some felt like they had a new lease on life and others stopped within 2 days because they felt like they could hardly drag themselves off of the couch.
Eventually the fanfare died down and some of those that saw results stuck it out and continued to feel great while everyone else settled back waiting for the next exciting diet to roll their way.

Not too long before the Atkins show came to town there was the Pritikin Diet of the 80’s with its low sodium, low fat and high vegetable and grain approach.  Again some people lost weight and felt great while others got fatter and were constantly craving foods.

In the early 2010’s we cheered for the neanderthal approach to eating. The Paleo float in this dietary parade was even bigger and flashier than the others because it also had a new way of exercising just like our super fit and lean ancestors. And just like Atkins it had Paleo bars and all of the accoutrements needed to gather a large crowd.

And here we are yet again with the Ketogenic Diet floating our way with striking similarity to the Atkins diet that worked so great for that lucky small percentage of people. There will of course be Keto bars and Keto shakes, of this you can be sure.  

Who knows, maybe it will be different this time around.  Maybe this time the same diet will work for everyone and we can finally stop the endless parade of diets.

But we doubt it. In fact scratch that, we know it will not work for everyone. We know this because we work with actual people and see firsthand that the Keto diet will make some people sicker and fatter.  History and clinical application of diets to hundreds of thousands of people tell us that it will only work for some and leave the rest starving for real results.

According to the worlds leading expert on biochemical individuality William Wolcott, “if a ketogenic diet is THE healthy diet for everyone, then why does it make some cancers worse? And, why has a plant-based, very high carb/low protein + low-fat diet proven effective in reversing many kinds of cancers?”

Again, this is not to say that the diet of juice and green drinks is the best one for everyone either but simply that a Ketogenic diet may work for some but it will make others worse. 

Of course the dietary dogmatists who are jumping up and down for the ketogenic diet will cite this study or that study and may resort to name calling but it will not make them any more right.  And before too long the ketogenic diet will float past leaving everyone who it didn’t work for and hasn’t discovered the truth to wait for the next float.

The truth is what stands the test of time. And nothing has been more clear over the years than the fact that there is no one diet that will work for everyone. The Metabolic Typing® Assessment is your first step to uncovering your biochemical truth and stepping away from the parade into a new paradigm of biochemical individuality.  And while it may disappoint some, you can be assured you won’t find any Metabolic Typing® bars waiting for you.