Tired of Guessing what and how to eat?!!

It’s true that there’s nothing more confusing than trying to answer the question about what diet is right for YOU. Just search “diet books” in Google and you’ll get at least 552,000 results! That’s crazy!!!

It’s time to:


Here’s the truth about diet, health, and YOU:

Whether you have low energy, are overweight, want to maximize your performance, or want to positively impact any health challenge you have, the reality is that what works for one person, has little effect on another and actually makes a third person worse!

You must understand this:

There has never been, there never will be, and there never CAN be one diet that is right for everyone. The ONLY “right diet” is the diet right for YOUR Metabolic Type® — that’s the diet that meets YOUR body’s genetically-based requirements!

There’s only one, time-tested, empirically proven way to find out: Metabolic Typing® For nearly 40 years, Metabolic Typing® has been researched, developed, refined and perfected in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. There is only one source for the true, original, genuine, official Metabolic Typing® and that’s Healthexcel.

Not sure whether or not you need Metabolic Typing®?

Here’s a quick video on what Metabolic Typing Testing can do for you:


Here’s the procedure to test for your Metabolic Type®:

  • Purchase the Metabolic Typing® Assessment for $150.00.

  • Once we have received your payment, we will send you to take the assessment form online.
  • Submit your assessment when you’re ready.
  • It will be analyzed to determine YOUR Metabolic Type® and the right diet for YOUR metabolism
  • Your results will be emailed to you.


What You’ll Get:

After your assessment is analyzed, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Metabolic Typing® Steps (step-by-step guide for following your MT program)
  • Your Metabolic Typing® Assessment Report
  • Part 1 – Metabolic Type® Assessment Results
  • Part 2 – Metabolic Type® Diet Recommendations
  • Part 3 – Metabolic Type® Supplement Recommendations
  • Part 4 – Metabolic Type® Lifestyle Recommendations
    • Stressors & Blocking Factors
    • Program Enhancers
  • Part 5 – Understanding Your Metabolic Type®
    • Your Metabolic Type® Diet
    • Your Diet Check Record (to identify your ideal macronutrient ratios)

You’ll also get your 14 Bonus Reports!!

  • Using Your Metabolic Type® Diet Plan
  • Food Shopping Guidelines
  • Proper Food Selection
  • Proper Food Preparation
  • Cooking Guidelines
  • Cooking Grains
  • Cooking With Fats and Oils
  • FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Expected Reactions From Your Metabolic Typing® Program
  • Road Map To Success With Your Metabolic Typing® Program
  • Metabolic Typing® and Your Digestion
  • Do You Need Supplements?
  • Checklist – Blocking Factors
  • Checklist – Program Enhancers

You’ll also receive FREE personalized EMAIL SUPPORT from Team Kalev staffed by Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisors to help you on your journey.

If you were to purchase this assessment (which is the professional version) from a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, you would pay hundreds of dollars.

You may have seen another online “public” version of the Metabolic Typing® test elsewhere. Note that no consulting is available with that assessment. For that reason, using that service is not recommended. Instead, Healthexcel itself recommends that people work directly with a Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor (CMTA) to access the full, comprehensive Metabolic Typing® Ecological Lifestyle Program. If you run your MT Assessment, you WILL have questions – usually many questions.


Furthermore, there is no comparison in the volume of information provided in the report in the public vs. the professional versions. The public version provides a few one page reports. The Team Kalev version provide an extensive report PLUS 30 additional bonus reports.


Team Kalev is providing you with the professional version and our support team is staffed by Certified Metabolic Typing Advisors at no extra cost to you. We want to see you succeed!

Many questions arise when working with a personal Metabolic Typing® program and for it to be successful, it is imperative that proper guidance and answers to all questions be readily available to you.

Metabolic Typing® entails far more that “just” a diet; it is a comprehensive methodology that involves many aspects of which a proper Metabolic Type® diet is only the first, foundational step to a successful Metabolic Typing® program outcome.

Your MT Report available through Team Kalev along with our expert Support will lead you step-by-step through all aspects of your Metabolic Typing® Program.

In both instances, the services of a CMTA are required.

To get started, send $150.00 to sagikalev@yahoo.com via PayPal. Once payment is submitted, you will receive a link with Sagi’s Advisor License Code as well as the next step instructions. Let your journey begin!

INQUIRIES CAN BE MADE TO: testing@sagikalev.com


“Don’t guess, test.” — Sagi Kalev