Knee Pain Disappearing With Metabolic Typing®…

I struggled initially with just stubbornness because as a Fast Oxidizer Dominant I was supposed to eat mainly organ meats – brain, liver, tripe etc.

I grew up vegetarian in India and cows are considered sacred. While I ate beef (tacos at Taco Bell – so they might not have been real beef anyway) while being a penniless graduate student, I quit eating beef on principle decades ago. So the best I could do on the list was dark meat of chicken.

It’s been challenging coming up with different ways to cook dark meat chicken. I LOVE onions. And they were on my ‘avoid’ list. 🙁 🙁 So I have just been using cumin and cayenne peppers on my chicken and calling it my own version of ‘curry’ – LOL!

I chose to use the approach of – start with just eating proteins and fats and if you feel weak or faint or aren’t able to work out because you don’t have any energy, THEN add veggies on the OK list… Well, I never felt weak!

My main concern before I started MT was that I have bad knees (bone on bone on both knees, I need knee replacement but at 50 I’m too young according to most doctors). And my knees would hurt most nights and I would keep a large bottle of advil next to my bed so I could take it to go to sleep.

When I have stuck to MT food, my knee pain completely went away! When I ‘cheat’ – even if I eat chick peas or veggies, but definitely when I consume sugar, the knee pain comes back. It is unbelievable how much difference that amount of carbs make for my inflammation in the knees…

P.S. – I thought so highly of MT that within 2 weeks of my starting I had my 18-year-old son do it too and he was COMPLETE OPPOSITE of mine!! To think we were trying to eat similar foods – it’s ridiculous! More people should really figure out what is right for their bodies…

Beth kicked the antacids to the curb…

I really think I am doing great with my balance of macronutrients.  When I started the program a week ago my nutrition was primarily drinking Boost because it hurt so bad when I ate food or I would throw it up.  My first meal from eating from my food list and list didn’t cause me pain and I couldn’t believe it.  So a week into it and I am not eating Antacids throughout the day anymore, which is huge for me, and I don’t have sharp pain when I eat.  My GI doctor always stressed to me that I needed to eat very low fat and I think adding the fat to my diet and more protein than what I am used to has really made a difference.  I am planning on so ordering the supplements now that I am keeping food down on a regular basis.

Gretchen has a remedy for what ails her…

“Thanks I’m sure he has heard it before but he is truly a life changer.

I think you kind of have to experience it to really understand, but the difference in my mental/emotional health is invaluable. I feel present and human again. I can play with my kids and hear what they are saying rather than being lost in my own anxious thoughts barely able to breathe. My relationship with food has changed. After a hard day I can come home and fuel my body rather than binge eat, instead I reach for a workout, a good sweat means I’m alive, I’m fighting, I’m strong. Experiencing the change in my own body and the freedom from my anxiety makes it so easy to stay on track, so easy to say no to the unhealthy foods I was addicted to before. I have a new lease on life. Metabolic Typing is my remedy.”

Patty has found her fuel mix and loves it!

I never do these but thought this one was necessary!!

I started my MT diet 1 week ago. These pics are a 1 wk diff and most importantly only a difference in 107 (left) and 107.6 pounds!! Look at the difference of me eating for my MT type!!
I no longer have the bloat after eating. My stomach looks like this all day long now!

I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first!! No I was A LOT!! I was like here is NO way in hell I can eat this much FAT during a cut. I put butter on everythangggggg!! 🙋🙋😋.

Hi fat purine meats. This girl was use to fat free chicken, white fish and egg whites!! Pretty much the staple of my diet! Also Brussel sprouts Nd sweet pot were my jam….. NOT anymore! No Bueno they don’t agree with me!! Either does white meat!!

Give me all the fat and dark meat. I am digging this and love what it has done for my body and my mind!!!

If you were second guessing Official Sagi Kalev MT typing don’t!!!! It was the best decision I ever made!!

Nicky’s energy level has gone up a lot…

First I sleep better. Energy level has gone up a lot. Plus my bloating and 💨💨💨 is a lot better. My hair isn’t falling out as much. Oh and I’m starting to lose weight for the first time in 2 yrs. I’ve started adding some foods back. Some affect me so I stop again. Some I’ve been able to add back and they don’t affect me.


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Christina P. has no more cravings and less anxiety!

I was bloated, and thought I was eating healthy and well. But started craving sweets again, even on shakeo. So I threw In watermelon and other melons. Boy did I want more and more and still hungry. I wasn’t balancing my meals. So I did the MT test to see where I fell.  Watermelon and breads were my no no’s. I said well this makes sense!! Well actually watermelon is a sometimes lol.

My body runs better on health fats, proteins and greens. Balanced! And I can sometimes add oats or Ez bread in. I find that I’m better that way!

I went out with friends and ate watermelon but in moderation. Oh wow was I bloated and in pain!

When they were gone I put myself back to my way.

Gone was the bloat (except female time) and gone were most all my cravings! Anxiety was down too!!

Peggy…It’s Not Mind Over Matter, It’s The Magic of MT! 


Katie’s Newly Found Energy….

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More Energy, No Bloat, More Sleep…


Leaning Out and No More Belly Aches…



Feeling Fuller But Eating Less?…Don’t Need Coffee?…It Works!



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Can’t Live Without Her MT Supplements!…Lost 16lbs!



Yvette’s Positive Improvements Keep Surprising Her…



Sara’s Life….Changed For The Better.


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Tish Uncovers Her Metabolic Individuality



Tracee Is Losing Inches and Gaining Energy




Another Life Changed With Metabolic Typing®…




Lauren Breaks Through A Plateau with Metabolic Typing®…

“After seeing awesome results with 21 Day Fix and Body Beast, I continued on and pretty much hit a point where I felt like I needed to learn how to keep eating healthy without measuring and counting calories. There were some things that just always felt “right” for me to eat. My whole life I was anti anything fat free and when the Keto diet was all over facebook I was so tempted to try it, but something told me it was unhealthy. Then I heard about Sagi’s metabolic typing test and I jumped on it.

Finally something that was meant for ME. At first I was worried about the questionnaire and worried it wouldn’t make sense to me, but it was pretty simple and easy to fill out. There was a couple things I did have to test out before I could answer, but it wasn’t anything that took more than a few days.

Now, I don’t measure my foods, I just try and stop eating when I’m full. Although I’m still getting the hang of it, and at times I slip, when I do follow my plan I feel STRONG, and FULL, and I feel like my body is loving me back. I still get my Shakeology and I find it much easier to turn down sweets and cravings. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, maybe 3 pounds or so, but I know I’ve lost fat and gained muscle and I feel so much more awake. I love coffee, and I have gotten to the point I only drink one cup a day now, which is crazy for me. I am for sure more toned now and feel so much better about myself. I’m excited to have my husband come home from deployment and see all the changes.”

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Heather is sleeping like a baby…

“To start, I used to be one of Sagi’s tele-clients when he was working one on one with patients.  My health was probably at its best when working with him.  I have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid and dang if it isn’t a balancing act.  Anyway for the past 1 1/2 years I have just been back sliding.  I have been trying different diets.  My weight has gone up about 20lbs and my energy has plummeted.  Much like having adrenal fatigue again.  I recently did the metabolic typing again.  I was curious to see if it had changed and was looking to go back to the supplements I was taking while working with Sagi originally, because when I looked back and saw the pictures of the shape I was in and how I felt back then it was kind of a light bulb moment.  I haven’t slept well in at least a year.  Last week I finally kicked my own butt and decided it was time. Time to actually eat according to my metabolic type and give it a whirl.  Holy cow!  The first night I slept.  Then that stretched to 4 nights in a row.  Over the weekend I indulged.  Then guess what?  I had a horrible nights sleep!  Back to eating according to my type yesterday and slept like a baby last night.  I also started immediately back on Adreno-Bal that I used to take (again from my recommended supplements).  Honestly I haven’t felt this good in at least a year.  So do me a favor and tell Sagi “Hi”.  Tell him I can’t believe I ever walked away from eating according to his direction years ago.  Here’s to week 2 of being back on track!

– Heather Angle-Gardner

Nicole is down 20 lbs and energy is UP!

Nicole took the Metabolic Typing® test less than 2 months ago and she is already seeing results!! So much so that she has decided to have her daughter take the test:

I’m down 20 lbs since changing my diet, my blood pressure is great, energy is up, and I feel better than I have in months. So if it’s working for me, I would much rather try it with my daughter first and see, instead of more doctors, more appointments, etc. Thanks for your help!

I don’t have pictures or anything but I was diagnosed with a neuro disorder and that’s what led me to start checking into things like diet and lifestyle changes. I follow Sagi and Barbie on social media and saw the posts about MT testing and decided to give it a go. My results (fast oxidizer) matched one of the suggested dietary changes from the support group my neurologist recommended (keto diet) and so it all lined up. Once I got my supplements aligned with my diet, it’s just been incredible to see how things have changed. 

-Nicole C.

Update a week later:

So far, it’s really a complete change in how I feel about food – it’s the whole “eat to live” thing now, instead of living to eat. I’ll eat when I need to, but just enough and then I’m full. My results were that I’m a fast oxidizer – high fats, low carbs, so I’ve eliminated most sugars and carbs from my diet and have no cravings at all anymore. I can even tell now if I’ve had too many because I’ll get very tired and just not feel good.

I was worried initially about all the foods I would be cutting out (fruits, for example) but the supplements make sure I’m getting the right nutrients so all is good! It just feels like I know more of what my body needs when it needs it – can pretty easily tell if I need some good fats and have started carrying almonds around for snacks, etc. The weight coming off has been an added benefit to just how I feel physically – after having been in the hospital with neuro issues a few months ago to now feeling physically stronger than I have in years, the weight loss is sort of the icing on the cake.

Having my blood pressure stable, and more energy (that isn’t caffeine induced) and just generally feeling GOOD is where I’m at… if that makes sense. My daughter is seeing that and when I offered to do the testing with her, she was all in. Her results came back the same as mine which means that she’s in the same boat that I was – eating a high carb high sugar diet when her body is wired to metabolize the opposite. So now that we have her results and recommendations, we are going to start working together on it and see where we go from here!


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Allyson’s The Master’s Hammer and Metabolic Typing® SUCCESS STORY!

We’re so proud of Allyson Grabish-Paniccia for doing whatever it takes and standing in her power to get the results she was seeking despite having health struggles. She’s on her way to optimal health!

Allyson wrote:

HAMMER CHALLENGE RESULTS! – Before I even start – Sagi, thank you so much for the Metabolic Typing and this amazing program. For the first time in a year, I feel like myself again. I AM A HAMMER! 

The past year has been a challenge. I started getting sick in March and I’ve been going through all kinds of tests since then. I’m still waiting on a specialist appointment in April (yes…over a year later) and I’m still not guaranteed any answers. I was bloated and in pain most days. I gained a LOT of weight back and to be truthful, I let it all get to me mentally. Getting the run around from doctors and not getting answers, I gave up. I just gave up on myself.

I did begin to realize that along with whatever was wrong with me, that part of it could be digestion/gut related. I tried cutting out foods here and there, but couldn’t figure it out. I was at a point where I realized I couldn’t let myself wallow anymore and I had to try and do something to regain my health, when two major things happened. 1. I saw Sagi’s post offering Metabolic Typing, which would help me know what foods to eat, what to avoid and how to eat. 2. I saw Sagi’s challenge to work out for 28 days to The Master’s Hammer for a chance to win 1 of 2 spots to workout on stage with him at Summit. Working out on stage along with Sagi has been a goal of mine for a few years and the timing for all of this was perfect to make me take that first step to getting back to myself again.

The last 28 days was a challenge and a journey for me. I had to learn a completely different way of eating than I was used to. Along with starting at square one with working out, I had a locked SI joint and out of place ribs to deal with as well. But I faced those challenges head on and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve conquered them. Since starting with the new MT meal plan, my stomach hasn’t hurt, I haven’t been bloating up at all and surprise of all surprises…my heartburn/acid reflux has gone away. I was literally taking antacids 2-3 times each and every night and now…I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken one. All from changing my diet and eating the foods on my list.

I saw the chiropractor once a week to work on my SI joint and ribs. It was painful to be adjusted/released but I felt relief and I did the stretching and ‘homework’ he gave me and faithfully did my workouts each day. If I had a day where I was in pain from whatever is wrong, I subbed out my rest day, but I just kept going. It turns out I have a lot more ‘good’ days than ‘bad’ and I really surprised myself.

The truth is…life is going to hand us stuff that throws us for a loop and may not be in our plans. It may knock us down BUT it doesn’t mean it has to keep us there. I realized I was NOT that person that was going to sit and wallow and let life happen to her. I’m going to control what I’m able to. I took control of what I fueled my body with. I took control of getting myself in motion again. I may have ‘only’ lost 5 lbs, but I’m damn proud of those 14 inches that are gone and I’m damn proud of the fact that I feel like myself again. It’s still not easy. I still have to remind myself each morning WHY I need to get up and work out and why I need to eat the way I do, but I make that conscious decision and I DO what NEEDS to be DONE. Because I can be that sad, unhealthy person in the first picture….or I can be the ME in the second picture that knows I can deal with whatever comes my way. I will NOT be the nail in life again. I’m a HAMMER, damn it.

Thank you to Stephen, Rowan (Baby Beast), Amanda, Sagi and everyone that supported me the last month. It’s meant more than you know. I’m going to keep going…I’ll update again in another 30 days for accountability.

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Chelsea feels great and drops 15 lbs in 7 weeks!

Eating the right foods for your body IS life changing! Here is what Chelsea shared with us this morning about her experience with Metabolic Typing® after just 7 weeks.

Chelsea Delong shared:
“I was kind of nervous to do the testing to be honest. I knew I couldn’t be eating what my body needed. I was always so tired. I could wake up and make breakfast and head straight back to bed. I was afraid of how hard I thought it would be to make changes because I didn’t know how great it would feel.

I did Metabolic Testing because I have gained 30 pounds in the last 2 years. I had been working out and eating well for 6 months with only 5 pounds lost. When I saw the testing I knew it was something I had to try. The results came in and I was so excited and kind of overwhelmed. It seemed like a lot of information but it turned out to be rather easy to understand.

The results honestly scared me. I was eating pretty much everything that my body doesn’t enjoy! I have been eating based on my type for about 7 weeks. In that time I have lost 15 pounds!! I feel a million times better. My stomach no longer aches after I eat. I don’t feel the need to nap all the time. But most importantly I think it’s the best because I no longer feel that “missing out” feeling. I can watch my son eat cookies and chips and not feel like I want some. I don’t have cravings anymore and just feel good all day. I don’t have to use macros anymore. I just am finding out when to stop eating so there is not the “stuffed” feeling. Honestly doing the metabolic testing was the best decision I have made! I can’t wait to see how much better I feel each day!”


Melissa is looking great and clothes are fitting better!

“Everything is great. I’m super happy with my new diet. I used to eat cookies and sugars all the time, but is crazy how those cravings have disappeared. I’m a fast Oxidizer. I used to eat probably 6 times a day now I have 3 meals and sometimes one snack and, I don’t feel weak or hungry at all. So I can definitely see and feel the results. Its amazing how you can see the difference in your body when you eat healthy, is like your body comes back to life.

I probably should take some after pics to share..I took pics at the beginning to see my progress, and you know even though I haven’t been consistent working out, I’ve been disciplined with this diet and I noticed that I look different, like less belly fat and my skin is more bright, just by eating the right foods! Its true, I tend to question everything, I know that’s not a good thing, and certainly being that way hasn’t helped me at all. I’m trying to change that about myself..there are things sometimes you do without even notice it, but I was hesitating your right, after the first week, I figured it out! the right portions for me, and everything else.

It wasn’t that complicated after all, just my head was getting on the way..One month in: And guess what! Here are my pictures! Its been exactly a month with MT, I took my first pics (the ones on top) on February 25th and the ones on the bottom I took them today March 26. I know is not like a hugeeee difference and as I said I barely work out like I think I did 21 days fix 5 or 6 times,  but I feel better now than a month ago and, clothes fits better too!”

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Tracey magically has more energy, feels more alert and focused!

My energy was the first thing that it fixed immediately. I was eating more and more for breakfast and still being hungry within an hour or 2. I couldn’t leave the house without taking food in case I got hungry while I was out and then got shaky and horrible. People around me were commenting that I’m always eating and some were actually getting concerned about me. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. I’d read books, ebooks about nutrition etc, tried different nutrition plans with the Beachbody programs and nothing was quite right. After seeing Barbie’s post (I’d been to Sagi’s MT site a few times before but never got the test) with the food list and what she saying about it. I figured I should give it ago. Her and Sagi replied to me and so I bought the test there and then. I’m so glad I did. Reading the information I got back I actually finally understood why by breakfast/food choices were not fuelling me properly.

So I followed the MT foods for me (I’m a fast oxidiser) and as if by magic, I have energy and I can now go 4-5 hours without food. It really has changed my life. My mum noticed the changes in me instantly. I used to have a yellow/orange coloured area around my mouth and no-one could workout what it was -within about a week it was gone!! My skin all over feels better, softer and not as dry as it was. I felt better in myself almost immediately, but after about 3 weeks I felt more alert and able to focus better. I’m no longer searching for food all the time that I can be/live in the moment. It’s been incredibly freeing and confidence giving for me too. Normally there’s a week in every month when I used to crave chocolate – I have no chocolate cravings – it’s a miracle!!!!


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Kelly is down 6 pounds in 7 days!

I have reviewed my results. At first I gave it a half-efforted try. My addiction to carbs is/was bad. UNTIL NOW!—— I am currently one week into Chalene Johnson’s current Diet Beta Test group. Your Mixed Oxidizer Dominant diet plan is what I am following for my personal food choices as I go through her Diet Beta Test group . She is giving us guidance but personal choices when it comes to what we eat. I feel amazing and am down 6 pounds in 7 days. I no longer feel bloated or feel nauseous when I am hungry. That old nausea feeling is what would trigger me to grab some type of sweet crap. Thank you for all of your work and providing Metabolic Typing. I am so happy I am on the right track tailored just for me. Thanks for checking in on my progress.


Cori’s energy is good and consistent even with a toddler!

I am so happy I did the metabolic typing.  I had actually cut way back on salads and other veggies so that I would get the majority of my calories from protein because I thought that was the right thing to do.  I’m enjoying a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables again.  I don’t get hungry between meals, and I am consuming less calories than before but feeling more satiety.  I don’t crave sweets or salty snacks anymore either.  My energy level is consistent throughout the day and I actually wake up feeling rested even when my sleep is interrupted by a toddler.  I don’t wake up bloated, my skin is looking healthier and I’ve lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks.  Another benefit is that I feel more balanced mentally and PMS symptoms have not been as severe this time.  I’m currently doing Body Beast along with a few days of T 25.  I’m starting to go up in my weights, getting stronger and building more muscle. I am so very happy I made this change at 45 years old!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Robert is off to a great start fueling his body for his Metabolic Type®…

“I signed up and got my program monday night and jumped in on tuesday. I can’t believe in a few days my cravings have been decreased. I feel full., and generally feel pretty good. Usually at 3PM I can’t even keep my eyes open in the office and last 2 days has been interesting the change. Even with following the containers, I haven’t noticed much weight loss (or gain) and I have been following the workouts consistently past couple years. So i am looking forward to seeing if this makes a difference in the loss department as I have 50lbs that I could waive bye bye too and I wouldn’t miss!! take care….sure love working out to Sagi…he’s awesome I got to grab a piece of paper from his hand at summitt last year as he was giving a not to someone in the crowd behind me. My little guy 5 years always runs around the house “I can I will I must”, anyways just wanted to share how you showing your story got me to pull the pin on the MT testing”


Tish’s experience with Metabolic Typing®.

“This is a proud moment for me. Normally I struggle when I’m “bulking.” I’ll get strong but also gain more fat than I prefer…. especially in my stomach!

But thanks to Sagi and the MT test 2017 is gonna be even better! This is what happens when you’ve been focused on building/bulking while following your personalized Metabolic Typing meal plan, You don’t gain excess belly fat, yet building muscle.



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Kim is off her heart medications and dropped 15lbs!

“Prior to taking the MT test I had been taken to ER on a few occasions due to my irregular heart rate. My heart rate would escalate to over 220 bpm, and randomly plummet to low 70’s. One visit resulted in having my heart medically stopped, with a crash cart sitting next to me “in case you don’t come back to us, we are ready to shock your heart, you’re in good hands…” as I faded out of consciousness.

Thankfully, I came back with medication in my IV. They could never find a definite reason for my symptoms. I dealt with this for a couple years, my cardiologist finally put me on a portable heart monitor that I wore for an entire month, only to be told there was NOTHING that he could see to result in what I was feeling. He then informed me that I would need to take heart medication for the rest of my life. *the scary part about that is with my heart rate plummeting I could very easily stroke out if I was on the meds. I absolutely refused to take the meds. My heart issues were clearly my most severe problems, but in addition to that I was exhausted ALL the time, needing naps on a daily basis, I couldn’t lose weight, my mood swings were outrageous and I was beginning to hate myself.

That’s when I mentioned to you just a couple of my problems, you suggested the testing and I knew I had noting to lose.

I took the quiz, got the results back very fast and dove into reading all the info. I saved my food list to my phone and began my nutrition overhaul. Literally every single thing I was eating was on my red strike out list of foods to NEVER EVER eat seriously!?!? But I trusted the process and I tried new foods, lots of new foods. I started this back in June if 2016 and have stuck to only the approved foods for my body. The results have been life altering. I no longer have heart issues – NONE! I no longer need to take daily naps and my moods are much better – I mean, I’m still a female but I am at least tolerable lol.

But seriously, this literally save my life. If I had listened to my cardiologist and had been taking heart meds all this time, I’m afraid to think of what that outcome could have been it scares me to think I potentially could have left my two beautiful children without their mom… It make me cry to think of that because I’m a single mom, they are my everything and I can’t imagine leaving them in this world alone.

So I Thank you and Sagi, from the bottom of my heart. My completely healthy and functioning heart.

Oh, and an added extra bonus – I dropped 15 pounds within 3 months of following my food list!

Ohhh I almost forgot! Remember the pic I sent you right before you told me to do the test?!? I had just eaten and I looked like I was 7 months pregnant!? I no longer suffer from that awful bloat after eating!! And that was a huge thing for me, appearance wise, I hated it!”


Monica’s belly is better…

“When I ate the purple and green list together I had terrible stomach pain and almost instant bloating that last throughout the night including gas. I guess I had not really thought about it before and just put food together that I like, even though what I was eating is considered healthy, those foods dont want to be together in my belly! Yesterday and today I feel good, no bloating but I only notice I am hungry sooner, but I am not starving, just felt like I could eat something about 1.5 hours later so I am having an apple which I normally like to eat with almonds but I forgot those today, which I measure because I don’t trust myself”


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Sonny is controlling cravings…

“Not all at once; it is a process. And the fine tuning stage is a little tricky but the food list is super helpful total believer it has really controlled cravings for me. And I am seeing results much faster. Metabolic Typing works!”

Linda is satisfied and keeping at it…

“Got my testing results and have been reading my reports and starting to implement the foods on my list. Yesterday was the first day I tried it, and I have to say, I ate well, and was satisfied between meals with no need to snack. Excited to keep working on this!!”


Tracey B.’s Incredible Results…

“I’m still fine tuning it but it has been truly amazing for me.

My energy was the first thing that it fixed immediately. I was eating more and more for breakfast and still being hungry within an hour or 2. I couldn’t leave the house without taking food in case I got hungry while I was out and then got shaky and horrible. People around me were commenting that I’m always eating and some were actually getting concerned about me. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. I’d read books, ebooks about nutrition etc, tried different nutrition plans with the Beachbody programs and nothing was quite right.

After seeing Barbie’s post (I’d been to Sagi’s MT site a few times before but never got the test) with the food list and what she saying about it. I figured I should give it ago. Her and Sagi replied to me and so I bought the test there and then. I’m so glad I did.

Reading the information I got back I actually finally understood why by breakfast/food choices were not fuelling me properly.

So I followed the MT foods for me (I’m a fast oxidiser) and as if by magic, I have energy and I can now go 4-5 hours without food. It really has changed my life. My mum noticed the changes in me instantly.

I used to have a yellow/orange coloured area around my mouth and no-one could workout what it was -within about a week it was gone!! My skin all over feels better, softer and not as dry as it was.

I felt better in myself almost immediately, but after about 3 weeks I felt more alert and able to focus better. I’m no longer searching for food all the time that I can be/live in the moment. It’s been incredibly freeing and confidence giving for me too.

Normally there’s a week in every month when I used to crave chocolate – I have no chocolate cravings – it’s a miracle!!!!

Also I’ve lost some body fat too, I strained my back by coughing with the flu and not doing my workouts for 3 weeks to rest it (which was torture) and I lost another 2lbs without even trying. Which I thought oh its just water etc but I’m now down to 141lbs – that’s the lightest/leanest I have ever been in my entire adult life!!! I’ve trying to lean out/ build muscle and doing Beachbody programs for over 8 years!!

I used to take 4-5000mg of Vitamin C, with bran and figs everyday to keep constipation at bay (something I have suffered with for over 20 years) – I’ve stopped doing that now and I just take the MT specific vitamin and multi-vit 3 times a day. I’m no longer constipated. I’m not going everyday at the moment as I think my system is still sorting its self out but no way is it hard and painful.

All these amazing changes after only a few weeks, I can only dream of what other magical things happen over the next few months as my body continues to heal and restore itself.

Who thought that eating the right foods in the right proportions can have such an impact on your life and wellbeing! Thank you so much”


Mabel’s Incredible Energy…

“Everyone seems to be raaaavvving about a new frap by Starbucks. It’s supposedly ‘magical’ ????????????????…

Ya know what I think is magical??? Sagi Kalev‘s Metabolic Type Testing to help me confirm what I had already suspected…. that my body has a certain threshold in the consumption of any form of sugar and starchy carbs before my metabolism gets thwarted.

What prompted me to do the testing was mainly the prep for my competition using BodyBeast. I had a decent weight drop in my first few weeks then I plateaued and even gained back some after my prep coach decreased carbs and increased cardio  Not to mention I was so exhausted!

I’ve always had problem with hypoglycemia and knew that I had a low tolerance for sugar both the bad and the good kind. But I also know that I still need at least a small amount for rapid fuel. But what to do for other fuel sources was mind boggling to me. Like from what food sources can I find it that will give me the energy I need???

After implementing the food recommendations, I can honestly say that I feel so incredibly energetic...even in a caloric deficit. What amazes me more is that even in a deficit I can still lift as heavy as I did before cutting and my endurance level is higher. This testing was truly eye-opening to me. Lots of ah-haaa! moments after reading through it. Thank you so much to Barbie and Sagi!! This was so very helpful.”

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Nikki Can’t Believe How Amazing She Feels…

I was struggling with stomach issues.. bloating, abdominal pain & low energy! Just after 2 days I can wholeheartedly say that I no longer feel bloated and my stomach pains are gone! It’s just day 2, but so far so Good! I would have NEVER combined a fruit with a carb for breakfast….amazing! But it works for MY body! My “type” says…carb, protein, fat at EVERY meal! And low fat…leaner meats…mind blown! My body doesn’t feel well on a high fat diet! AND, I can have carbs! Thanks Barbie Kalev for turning me on to this concept! ????????



Natalie Is Crushing It With Her MT Diet and MRT…

Before I took the Metabolic Typing® test and the MRT test, I was struggling to get a grip on my energy levels, bloating, cramping and GI stress. I was following the portion control meal plans and eating clean by most people’s standards. And even though I have made strides in the way I look aesthetically over the past year and feeling better than when I started with Beachbody, I still didn’t feel great and I couldn’t figure out why. But today marks the first day that I have made it 24 hours feeling ????! ✨????✨ 

I didn’t need coffee, I didn’t feel tired, I crushed my workouts and even forgot to take my Energize, I didn’t get an afternoon crash, headache, bloating or feel any pain. I am pretty sure this is the way we were intended to feel – GOOD! What did I do differently? My macros were dialed in for what my body tells me it needed and I ate according to my Metabolic Type. I cut out a number of foods that were highlighted on my food intolerance test, avoided artificial sugar at all costs, and added a probiotic.
This may not be the most interesting newsflash posted to the group today, but it’s a small victory that I hope to build on and I just wanted to share my experience in hopes it may encourage a few of you to keep making your health a priority through the ups and downs and to reach out when you need help. Sagi knows what he is talking about!
Thanks again to the Sagi Kalev family! I am so grateful. ????


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Liezl’s Migraines Disappeared And That’s Not All…

“At first, I only followed the plan for two weeks.  I have since bought a scale and when I started following the plan again yesterday, I was 1,2kg heavier than when I weighed myself this morning!  1,2kg lighter in only one day!  I only did the test because I was curious to know which foods were best for my body.  I never even thought about my migraines- it was just a bonus that they disappeared.  I didn’t have any medical issues when I first started, not that I know of.  I don’t have any sweet cravings anymore and I don’t feel hungry between meals anymore.  I love the fact that I may eat cream and still lose weight. ????”


Josh’s 4 Day Turnaround…

“I just wanted to write to say Thank you ! I’m on Day 4 now and typically I would wake up very hungry but as I’m writing this now I’m waking up satisfied and enjoy my meals. More energy, I feel I have so much better control of my emotions, workouts have even improved and been drinking water so much easier than before. The Metabolic Testing has been such a great investment and a road map for type. Thank you once again!”

Lisa Says Goodbye To Caffeine and Hello To Metabolic Typing®…

“Before taking the MT test I was really hesitant that answering a few questions would help me with some or all of my health complaints.  After taking the test and adjusting my diet I couldn’t believe how fast I noticed differences.  I would often feel tired after meals and wished I could take a nap.  More often than not I would have a coffee in hopes that the caffeine would get me through that sluggish feeling.  After changing my portions and ratios I no longer need that nap or that caffeine boost.  I know what my body needs to work properly and I now eat according to my metabolic type.”

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Jessica Crushes The 3PM Crash With MT…

“Since I started eating for my MT my cravings for sweets after a full meal at dinner have diminished completely. I’m no longer am left feeling hungry after a good size meal! I’m so amazed at how quickly after I started eating for my type that these symptoms are completely gone! Just shows that when you fuel your body with the right foods how your body reacts in a positive way! The biggest issue I had was a 3 p.m. crash within a few days that crash feeling was gone as well! Testing was the best decision I made for myself and my body!”


Marina’s Blood Pressure Improved Dramatically…

Good morning Barbie! I did Sagi’s MT and today is day 3… I have a lot to learn and I have some confusion that I will email support for but I just wanted to let you know in 48 hours I have lost 4 inches in my waist from bloating… my brain fog disappeared and my energy is UP! WHAT THE H@LL!!!  !!!???!!!! And I thought I was eating good foods but many “good” Whole Foods are NOT my foods! I can not WAIT to see my long term results in health and body image. I am SO grateful and wish I had not waited so long to do this!!! THANK YOU AND THANK YOUR HUBBY FOR ME TOO!!!

Oh! And my BP dropped HUGE to 118/79 from 140/90 no meds
Day 6 Update:
Week one for me and I am down 6+ pounds from releasing bloat, My GI track is in LOVE with me! I am sleeping like a baby!!! I have NO brain fog! my energy is coo coo high and I feel amazing! I am SO excited to dial in my Macros and LEARN more this coming week  THANK YOU Barbie and Sagi!

I’m 55 and had a total hysterectomy so my metabolism shifted and my body went rogue on me! and now I will add a third picture “To follow” after a few months following my MT because I’m following this plan 500% as a new lifestyle

Update week 2:

So we are at our Lake home this weekend and I are a few things off my list and I’m sick today. Mucous in my throats and head, achy and brain fog. It was a TEST! And of course MT WINS!!!! Back to basics in the morning