Nicole took the Metabolic Typing® test less than 2 months ago and she is already seeing results!! So much so that she has decided to have her daughter take the test:

I’m down 20 lbs since changing my diet, my blood pressure is great, energy is up, and I feel better than I have in months. So if it’s working for me, I would much rather try it with my daughter first and see, instead of more doctors, more appointments, etc. Thanks for your help!

I don’t have pictures or anything but I was diagnosed with a neuro disorder and that’s what led me to start checking into things like diet and lifestyle changes. I follow Sagi and Barbie on social media and saw the posts about MT testing and decided to give it a go. My results (fast oxidizer) matched one of the suggested dietary changes from the support group my neurologist recommended (keto diet) and so it all lined up. Once I got my supplements aligned with my diet, it’s just been incredible to see how things have changed. 

-Nicole C.

Update a week later:


So far, it’s really a complete change in how I feel about food – it’s the whole “eat to live” thing now, instead of living to eat. I’ll eat when I need to, but just enough and then I’m full. My results were that I’m a fast oxidizer – high fats, low carbs, so I’ve eliminated most sugars and carbs from my diet and have no cravings at all anymore. I can even tell now if I’ve had too many because I’ll get very tired and just not feel good.

I was worried initially about all the foods I would be cutting out (fruits, for example) but the supplements make sure I’m getting the right nutrients so all is good! It just feels like I know more of what my body needs when it needs it – can pretty easily tell if I need some good fats and have started carrying almonds around for snacks, etc. The weight coming off has been an added benefit to just how I feel physically – after having been in the hospital with neuro issues a few months ago to now feeling physically stronger than I have in years, the weight loss is sort of the icing on the cake.

Having my blood pressure stable, and more energy (that isn’t caffeine induced) and just generally feeling GOOD is where I’m at… if that makes sense. My daughter is seeing that and when I offered to do the testing with her, she was all in. Her results came back the same as mine which means that she’s in the same boat that I was – eating a high carb high sugar diet when her body is wired to metabolize the opposite. So now that we have her results and recommendations, we are going to start working together on it and see where we go from here!

Metabolic Typing®

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