Take the time to read this, from KIM NICHOLSON STEFAN. In a nutshell, she’s OFF heart medication AND she’s down 15 pounds and acting human again!!!:

I asked her about Metabolic Typing and this is what she wrote word for word. I am posting it with her permission:

Prior to taking the MT test I had been taken to ER on a few occasions due to my irregular heart rate. My heart rate would escalate to over 220 bpm, and randomly plummet to low 70’s. One visit resulted in having my heart medically stopped, with a crash cart sitting next to me “in case you don’t come back to us, we are ready to shock your heart, you’re in good hands…” as I faded out of consciousness.

Thankfully, I came back with medication in my IV. They could never find a definite reason for my symptoms. I dealt with this for a couple years, my cardiologist finally put me on a portable heart monitor that I wore for an entire month, only to be told there was NOTHING that he could see to result in what I was feeling. He then informed me that I would need to take heart medication for the rest of my life. *the scary part about that is with my heart rate plummeting I could very easily stroke out if I was on the meds. I absolutely refused to take the meds. My heart issues were clearly my most severe problems, but in addition to that I was exhausted ALL the time, needing naps on a daily basis, I couldn’t lose weight, my mood swings were outrageous and I was beginning to hate myself.

That’s when I mentioned to you just a couple of my problems, you suggested the testing and I knew I had noting to lose.

I took the quiz, got the results back very fast and dove into reading all the info. I saved my food list to my phone and began my nutrition overhaul. Literally every single thing I was eating was on my red strike out list of foods to NEVER EVER eat seriously!?!? But I trusted the process and I tried new foods, lots of new foods. I started this back in June if 2016 and have stuck to only the approved foods for my body. The results have been life altering. I no longer have heart issues – NONE! I no longer need to take daily naps and my moods are much better – I mean, I’m still a female but I am at least tolerable lol.

But seriously, this literally save my life. If I had listened to my cardiologist and had been taking heart meds all this time, I’m afraid to think of what that outcome could have been it scares me to think I potentially could have left my two beautiful children without their mom… It make me cry to think of that because I’m a single mom, they are my everything and I can’t imagine leaving them in this world alone.

So I Thank you and Sagi, from the bottom of my heart. My completely healthy and functioning heart.

Oh, and an added extra bonus – I dropped 15 pounds within 3 months of following my food list!

Ohhh I almost forgot! Remember the pic I sent you right before you told me to do the test?!? I had just eaten and I looked like I was 7 months pregnant!? I no longer suffer from that awful bloat after eating!! And that was a huge thing for me, appearance wise, I hated it!


If you want more info, you can find it here. I am blown away myself. I would never recommend something I don’t believe in. I KNOW people suffer. I know people have trouble losing weight despite exercising and eating what they know as clean foods.

Here’s info on Metabolic Typing®, the 411, the costs, and how to do it through Sagi Kalev.