Three amazing and real-life testimonials from right here on Facebook from Metabolic Typing® Users!!! 

Chelsea DeLong: “I have to say I did the test in November or December. I started seriously following what it said in January. I have lost 15 pounds. I feel like giving your body what it needs is amazing. I don’t have any cravings. I am not over eating. I don’t honestly even use my containers anymore. I just know when to stop. Some days I am more hungry than others and I eat a little extra. But still the scale goes down. For anyone considering doing this I highly recommend it. I feel a million times better!”


Monica: “When I ate the purple and green list together I had terrible stomach pain and almost instant bloating that last throughout the night including gas. I guess I had not really thought about it before and just put food together that I like, even though what I was eating is considered healthy, those foods dont want to be together in my belly! Yesterday and today I feel good, no bloating but I only notice I am hungry sooner, but I am not starving, just felt like I could eat something about 1.5 hours later so I am having an apple which I normally like to eat with almonds but I forgot those today, which I measure because I dont trust myself lol”


NOTE: Monica, you are not getting the right Micro Nutrient Ratios. Please contact support address on your report for help! You should not feel hungry so soon and Team Kaelv is happy to help !!


Sonny Mello: “Not all at once it is a process. And the fine tuning stage is a little tricky but the food list is super helpful Total believer it has really controlled cravings for me. And I am seeing results much faster. The metabolic typing works!”



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