We’re delighted to share another Metabolic Typing® Success Story in the Making! Metabolic Typing is about healing your body and achieving optimal health. 

Marina M. shared: 

Good morning Barbie! I did Sagi’s MT and today is day 3… I have a lot to learn and I have some confusion that I will email support for but I just wanted to let you know in 48 hours I have lost 4 inches in my waist from bloating… my brain fog disappeared and my energy is UP! WHAT THE H@LL!!!  !!!???!!!! And I thought I was eating good foods but many “good” Whole Foods are NOT my foods! I can not WAIT to see my long term results in health and body image. I am SO grateful and wish I had not waited so long to do this!!! THANK YOU AND THANK YOUR HUBBY FOR ME TOO!!!
Oh! And my BP dropped HUGE to 118/79 from 140/90 no meds
Day 6 Update: 
Week one for me and I am down 6+ pounds from releasing bloat, My GI track is in LOVE with me! I am sleeping like a baby!!! I have NO brain fog! my energy is coo coo high and I feel amazing! I am SO excited to dial in my Macros and LEARN more this coming week  THANK YOU Barbie and Sagi!
I’m 55 and had a total hysterectomy so my metabolism shifted and my body went rogue on me! and now I will add a third picture “To follow” after a few months following my MT because I’m following this plan 500% as a new lifestyle
Update week 2:
So we are at our Lake home this weekend and I are a few things off my list and I’m sick today. Mucous in my throats and head, achy and brain fog. It was a TEST! And of course MT WINS!!!! Back to basic in the morning 

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