Chances are you are not unlike the hundreds of thousands of others who experience food cravings on a regular basis. Perhaps for you it comes in unpredictable waves of cravings and you attribute it to stress in your life or if you’re a woman you might attribute it to your menstrual cycle.  Or maybe it really is something that you experience most every single day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact 99% of the time cravings can be stopped in their tracks completely if you know how to do it.

Read on to learn exactly how to stop food cravings for good.

Craving or Hunger?

Cravings are often labeled as selective or non-selective with selective meaning that you are craving a specific food or type of food while non-selective is just a general craving. Cravings of either kind have a feeling of being compulsive as if this need must be met immediately. 

Hunger likewise is a very similarly defined experience. It’s a feeling of discomfort or weakness coupled with a desire to eat. 

So is there much difference really?

Fundamentally they are both your body telling you that its needs are not being met in some way. Once you determine how your body’s needs are not being met then the cravings can be easily mastered and overcome.

Meet Your Cells Needs

Hunger and cravings start at a cellular level. Each of your trillions of cells need fuel in order to function optimally and efficiently. If you give your cells the wrong fuel then your body will let you know and sometimes very quickly and strongly with cravings.

Hunger and cravings are really just your body’s way of communicating to you that it either needs more fuel to produce more energy or it needs a more appropriate fuel mixture in order to create sustained and efficient energy in its cells.

Imagine that you are tending to a campfire and the flames are getting close to going out. You of course know that you need to put fuel on that fire to keep it going.  Do you grab a can of gasoline out of your trunk? Of course not because you know that the gasoline would flare up and then the fire would go out within a few minutes.

Do you grab a wet log from the nearby woodpile? Again, that just wouldn’t make sense because the wet log would take way too long to dry and eventually burn.

Your body and cells work the same way in a sense. They need to produce energy to varying degrees for all of your metabolic processes and they need the right fuel to do this.

The last meal that you ate (or didn’t eat) before the cravings started will give you a hint as to why you are having a craving. If a craving arises then the last meal that you ate did not produce adequate and sustained cellular energy. You essentially threw gasoline on the fire and now the fire is asking to be refueled.

Metabolic Typing® is the only system that will help you to know exactly what foods and what “fuel mixture” your body needs to create the kind of cellular energy that stops cravings in its tracks.

Once you start meeting your body’s needs by eating right for your Metabolic Type® a whole new world opens up and one of the many benefits is that you no longer will have cravings.

The Other 1%

We’ve made it clear that creating optimal cellular energy by eating right for your Metabolic Type® is a requirement for building health and curbing cravings so you absolutely must start there. But in some cases cravings can also be arising from other issues such as neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances. Team Kalev provides the caring and expert support you need to get to the root cause of your cravings and other health complaints with targeted lab testing. Please let us know if you feel that you need additional help with reaching your health and performance goals.