From synthetically manufactured medical drugs to everyday products such as cosmetics, plastic containers and even the carpet you’re standing on, the modern era has us swimming in a sea of chemicals that are trapping your body in a state of poor health.

And as we mentioned in our post on the optimal production of energy for weight loss, weight gain is a symptom of poor health just like any other symptom you might be experiencing. In order to be healthy and achieve your ideal weight you must address all underlying causes of poor health. Key among these is addressing and dramatically decreasing the level of toxins that you are exposed to on a daily basis. As you’ll find out it’s also important to support your body’s ability to identify and remove the toxins that are already affecting you from the inside.

How Toxins Cause Weight Gain

The main role of fat cells is to provide stored energy to be released when we need it.  This is why cellular energy production from the proper diet for you Metabolic Type® is so key for weight loss because inefficient energy production will cause weight gain. But interestingly, fat cells also are known to act as an endocrine gland and release various hormones affecting appetite and metabolism. These metabolic and hormonal activities of fat cells can be influenced and even programmed by synthetic chemicals.

The term for synthetic chemicals that can trigger changes in various hormones via the fat cells are ‘obesogens’. These obesogenic compounds may have different mechanisms of action affecting the number of fat cells, size of fat cells as well as hunger, cravings, food preference and energy metabolism. There is even evidence that the damaging effects of these chemicals can cause epigenetic changes in the DNA and then begin passing obesity (and likely other conditions) down from one generation to the next.

Chemicals Contributing To Obesity

As research in this area expands, the number of chemicals contributing to obesity and weight gain continue to grow. Chemical pesticides, certain pharmaceuticals, phthalates, plasticizers, and BPA are amongst the most researched as contributing to obesity. Within the understanding of biochemical individuality we know that any symptom (weight gain) can arise from any single or any combination of what we call stressors and blocking factors as well as from any imbalance in your body’s control systems. In other words your weight challenge has its own specific causal factors and likely your own medley of chemicals contributing to the problem.

With that understanding we can assume that there is a veritable experiment going on inside of your body with all of the different chemicals interacting with one another.  Safety studies from the EPA never account for the combination of different chemicals in our bodies or for the bioaccumulation over time. Most critical to understand is that synthetic chemicals are a major stressor to your body and so it is in your best interest to reduce your total exposure and assist your body in the removal of those toxins that are already present.

Finding Your Toxic Nemesis

While you should reduce your total toxic load, you may have some very specific culprits that are at high levels and are causing your weight gain and other symptoms. For anyone who wants to get healthy and lose weight it is helpful to perform testing to determine what unwanted and damaging chemicals are floating around in your blood stream.

Team Kalev has trained professionals who can provide you with advanced testing to determine your levels of common environmental chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, styrene, xylene, toluene and heavy metals that are making you sick and overweight.

If you’ve already signed up for our Metabolic Typing® program then you have access to a detailed list of exactly where you may be getting exposed to these nasty toxins in Phase 3: Optimal Lifestyle of the program.  Once you’ve taken the Metabolic Typing® assessment then you should strongly consider having testing done through Team Kalev to identify your toxic load and take action on removing those toxins. Simply reach out to the support desk found in your MT Report to discuss advanced testing.

Cleaning Up Your Body

Once the primary toxins have been identified you can begin to take action on safely removing them from your body and supporting your body’s own natural detoxification and healing processes. Whether you do advanced testing or not there are several key components to doing this:

  1. Remove Exposure Source – removing the toxic culprits from your environment is important to giving your body the room it needs to heal.
  2. Fuel Your Cells – a diet that is targeted at your specific biochemistry for your Metabolic Type® is critical to the cleaning up of your body and overall health (optimal weight)
  3. Drink Plenty of Water – the negative effects of these toxic chemicals are magnified when your are dehydrated so be sure to consume plenty of water each day.
  4. Targeted Micronutrients – the right balance, timing and availability of micronutrients for your Metabolic Type® will support your body’s ability to mobilize and remove toxins
  5. Additional Protocols – trained health professionals such as those on Team Kalev can guide you through safe and effective cleanse and nutraceutical protocols to eliminate toxins. It is not recommended to try to aggressively remove toxins without professional guidance and of course the approval of your physician.