Imagine looking better? Feeling better? Imagine being able to eat the foods that you thought before were forbidden, such as butter, in Katie’s example. 

This is what Katie wrote and shared in a Facebook comment, encouraging another Facebook user to take the leap:

Katie S.: Do it. Seriously.

I feel better. I look better. I can tell you within 30 minutes now if I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have… I’ll start to get all groggy and can’t believe that’s how I felt every day thinking it was normal.

Plus, idk if you saw my last comment but… I can have butter. I can have foods fried in butter! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR BUTTER…. AND FRIED FOOD IN BUTTER NONE THE LESS!!?!?!! When I saw that I said ” well hot damn, I can do this sh*t” LOL!

Here is a common question people ask:

Q.  Is the metabolic testing just a bunch if questions? I’m confused as how this could determine our metabolic needs only by asking questions?

 Yes, the Metabolic Typing® Assessment is an extensive questionnaire  involving physical traits, diet-related traits, and psychological/mental/emotional/behavioral/personality traits that requires computer analysis for assessment.

Healthexcel’s Official Metabolic Typing® proprietary computer analysis is based on nearly 40 years of researching, developing, and analyzing Metabolic Types and the experiences of hundreds of thousands of users.

Interestingly, no objective lab tests can identify a Metabolic Type® (MT).  That’s because a MT is “the overall metabolic style of functioning” of an individual’s metabolism.

In other words, Metabolic Typing® is all about “pattern recognition” involving the expression in each individual’s metabolism of the infinitely variable genetically based strengths and weaknesses in one’s Autonomic Nervous System, Endocrine System, and Oxidation Rate. Those Fundamental Homeostatic Control (FHC) systems are involved in the regulation of all metabolic processes. The various strengths and weaknesses in those FHC’s are expressed in the innumerable traits that make each of us unique and that define our metabolic individuality, e.g., dry skin/oily skin, good digestion/poor digestion, constipation/diarrhea, anxious/depressed, type A/type B personality, strong appetite/weak appetite.

The different patterns of traits that define a Metabolic Type® can only be determined via an accurate computer analysis of a questionnaire and not by a lab test.


Find out your metabolic type here.