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Encouragement From Sagi

“What good is an inspiration if it can’t be backed […]

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Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

Why you should never eat Tilapia!  If you are my […]

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Words To Live By


*Honor your word
*Always do your best
*Don’t make […]

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Monday Motivation

TODAY I will live the rest of my life as […]

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Shopping Tips From Sagi

Are you not sure what to buy at the store? […]

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Should You Eat Grains ?

If we ate the same grains from the Bible time […]

Healthy Eating Tips

HEALTHY EATING TIPS……. it’s the small things that can make […]

Vegetarian Myths

This post is for some of my patients as promised […]

Your Children’s Health

I wanted to share this info with all of the […]

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What Are The Adrenal Glands?

If you are wired and tired and no one seems […]

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