Sagi Kalev

Sagi Kalev is a Clinical Nutritionist and functional medicine expert currently living in Dallas, Texas. He serves clients both at Thrive Institute in Dallas as well as all over the world via phone consultations or teleconferencing. Sagi brings a wealth of experience to his practice. In addition to his extensive training and education in functional medicine, his true passion, Sagi’s practice is informed by his 25 years as a professional bodybuilder, almost a decade as one of the world’s leading fitness models, and over 15 years as a Certified Pro Personal Trainer with PROPTA, the world’s leading personal trainers and nutrition agency. He is currently the Senior Director-Examiner of PROPTA and was inducted into the agency’s Hall of Fame. Sagi is also the creator of Body Beast, Beachbody’s popular in-home training fitness program for both men and women designed to build lean muscle mass.

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Cholesterol and the Heart BLOG IMAGE


CHOLESTEROL AND HEART ARE INTER RELATED Various kinds of medical authorities are coming up with different low fat diets and medicinal drugs, which can help in reducing the cholesterol serum level. In my opinion, this is really not worth it. Using statin drugs is really toxic and harmful for your health. If you are suffering…


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