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Sagi Kalev is a Clinical Nutritionist and functional medicine expert currently living in Dallas, Texas. He serves clients both at Thrive Institute in Dallas as well as all over the world via phone consultations or teleconferencing. Sagi brings a wealth of experience to his practice. In addition to his extensive training and education in functional medicine, his true passion, Sagi’s practice is informed by his 25 years as a professional bodybuilder, almost a decade as one of the world’s leading fitness models, and over 15 years as a Certified Pro Personal Trainer with PROPTA, the world’s leading personal trainers and nutrition agency. He is currently the Senior Director-Examiner of PROPTA and was inducted into the agency’s Hall of Fame. Sagi is also the creator of Body Beast, Beachbody’s popular in-home training fitness program for both men and women designed to build lean muscle mass.

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We’ve struggled with our 12-year old son for several years. After being diagnosed with ADHD & Generalized Panic Disorder and trying to handle it on our own, we finally relented to medications. Although the meds helped, the side effects caused a whole host of issues. Always a slim child, his meager appetite worsened and he fell off the growth chart. Frustrated, we knew that there had to be a better way. Then we met Sagi Kalev. He helped us get to the root cause of our son’s issues, instead of simply dealing with symptoms. Through a series of tests (that our doctors never suggested,) we discovered that our son was dealing with several issues including a bacteria, fungus, & food sensitivities. With Sagi’s help, our son is finally on the road to good health. He’s now off ALL of his medications, his appetite is normal for his age, and he’s gained 7 lbs! We are incredibly grateful!


I decided to see Sagi because I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked. Ultimately I felt fat which was a result of a bad diet, terrible cravings, depression, and no energy. I was always tired! So initially my goals were to lose some weight and feel healthier so I could have the energy to actually be able to workout and create a healthy lifestyle for myself.

Sagi helped me with my diet that was specific to my metabolic type and food sensitivities. I thought I knew what eating healthy meant until I met Sagi. Looking back I had no clue how to eat healthy which is why I felt and looked the way that I did. He also prescribed me natural supplements that would support my body and hormones which made a huge difference in the way I feel now. I didn’t realize how off my body was until I actually was able to get tested and see what my hormone levels really were. After changing my body from the inside with diet and supplements, I was seeing huge changes in my body and my skin clarity was even improving. I finally had the energy to workout and start Sagi’s workout regimen which led to my latest journey…

I have been working with Sagi for 9 months now and he has completely changed my life. I started off with an initial goal to lose a few pounds and feel healthier. I met that goal relatively quickly and decided to pursue something that I’ve never considered doing before. I decided to start competing in bikini competitions. He helped me with my diet and workout regimen which completely transformed my body to be bikini competition ready. He prepped me with a very specific diet and supplement plan all the way up to minutes before stepping on stage. So far I have won 2 out of 3 competitions! So now I have a new journey ahead of me to continue to compete because I have now found a new passion in my life thanks to Sagi!

Thank you so much Sagi for seriously changing my life inside and out !


Shanda Nation--TestimonialI decided to see Sagi because I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked. Ultimately I felt fat which was a result of a bad diet, terrible cravings, depression, and no energy. I was always tired! So initially my goals were to lose some weight and feel healthier so I could have the energy to actually be able to workout and create a healthy lifestyle for myself.
If it were not for Sagi Kalev, I would be dead by now. He saved my life. That is something you cannot put a price tag on. In early September 2008, I called Sagi. I indicated that my healthy was very poor and that I needed an alternative to gastric bypass. He set an appointment on September 6, 2008 and from that time through December 2008 I worked out five days a week. In January, I increased my workouts to six times a week and twice a day! When I first started with Sagi, he took me at my own pace: gradually and very patiently increasing the exercise, weights, and activity. He was a very honest, considerate man whose pleasant personality made it a pleasure to be with him for an hour each day. Although Sagi was very laid back, he was also very results oriented. In September, I weighed 466 lbs. Five months later, I have lost 136 lbs, and feel 100% better. My health has also improved significantly. I want everyone who reads this to understand that Sagi Kalev is a very special individual. He is not like most people or most trainers. He does not allow you to give up and he supports you in every way to attain your fitness goals. In my mind, he is elevated to a much higher level of professionalism than any other personal trainer that exists. I am very glad Sagi and I met and he agreed to assist me. In my opinion, there is no one like him in the world! Sagi Kalev is the best!


“Prior to my first consultation with Sagi Kalev I was overweight, had extremely low self esteem, suffered from depression and I was taking high doses of anti-depressants and ADHD medications.  With his help I was able to get in the best shape of my life and accomplish a life long dream of mine, being pictured in a national fitness magazine, a dream I had given up on.  As we worked through the process of improving my overall health and fitness I was able to stop taking both my anti-depressants and my ADHD medications.  I had become a completely different person inside and out and felt so much better about myself.  The journey was not easy, but I always had Sagi there to hold me accountable and tell me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.  Sagi helped me to turn my life around in so many ways and has taught me a new way to live my life and how to look at life, all of which I am very thankful for.”


“For two years I had been suffering from inexplicable weight gain, insomnia, and fatigue despite my best efforts to eat clean and exercise at least 2 hours a day 5 times per week. Visits to other doctors had turned out fruitless. One doctor tried a quick fix of putting me on testosterone cream, but that only helped slightly and temporarily.

When I started working with Sagi, I decided to trust him completely and the process. After a series of tests–from saliva, to stool, to blood–we discovered that I had a host of issues going on. Sagi helped me get to the root cause of my symptoms. I meticulously followed his supplementation and dietary protocol, cut back on the amount of exercise temporarily, and within two months I felt like a brand new person.

In fact, I am a whole new, better version of myself from the inside out. Eating had become scary because it seemed that even a minor splurge would result in an added pound and it did! Little did I know that I had been eating all the wrong foods and that my body was begging to be healed. I’m also a take-action/results-oriented person. Despite struggling badly with poor sleep, weight gain and fatigue, I still got my work done and did what I needed to do. But I can now tell you, there’s a huge, and I mean huge difference between dragging yourself through life and being fully alive and vibrant in it. I can truly say that I feel fully alive and vibrant. Sagi was a God-send. Without his help I’m sure I would still be struggling.”


Prior to seeing Sagi, I was suffering from fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues and unexplained weight gain. It seemed like the more I ate clean and exercised, the more I gained weight. I was truly feeling desperate.

I had a goal to transform my body to do a photoshoot and men’s physique competing. We did a bunch of testing–blood work, hair analysis, stool, and saliva. My tests revealed that I had all sort of issues going on. Sagi was able to help transform my body with workouts and nutrition that have completely changed my life and my mind! I did my first photoshoot and now I’m getting ready to compete next year!

As far as mentally, Sagi helped me really get over a lot of old tapes in my head and beliefs that I had about myself that were holding me back and get focused on my goals and what I want out of life to become more productive and a better person over all.

Also, I had trouble sleeping prior to working with Sagi and we were able to organize my diet in a way that now I have no trouble sleeping and wake up more rested every morning!

Sagi is amazing. Can’t say enough about working with him. He is a therapist, nutritionist, scientist and genius all at once. He has a gift, a lot of gifts really, but most of all loves helping people and really helping you come to grips with reality about what needs to be done to because the best version of you possible!

Thank you Sagi for helping me become the best version of me that I could possibly be!